Thursday, April 11, 2013

I am excited to announce that my blog has moved. I will now be blogging at

I'd love you to come check it out and say hello!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Some Chambray and Some Dots

I really need to dispense with blog titles, I totally stink at them.  We really did have a great weekend. Instead of our normal church meetings, we stayed home and watched General Conference in our pajamas eating homemade cinnamon rolls and doing puzzles.  It was so fun, I really love just hanging out with my husband and boys.

 Yet another awesome thing, that happened over the weekend is that I found out Josh and I are going to the Dominican Republic in a month!  I am so excited!!!  Josh and I love to travel and thanks to Josh's frequent flyer miles from work we get to quite often, but we rarely get to go out of the country.  I am THRILLED!  My passport is all ready and waiting.  Has anyone ever been there?  I'd love to hear about it!!

 Alas, my body isn't...I am not really thrilled about being in a swimming suit so early, I thought I had a couple more months!!  I guess I will get my booty in gear, literally!  I hope that you all had a lovely weekend!

Sweater: Target | Shirt: Jcrew | Jeans: Bohme Boutique (recent) | Shoes: Aldo | Bag: Kate Spade | Bracelet: Jcrew | Necklace: F21 | Sunglasses: Ross

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April Fools Day

I know this isn't a style post, but with today being the first day of Spring Break and also completely rainy, it just didn't happen.  Instead I thought I'd post this instagram pic (sorry for my instagram followers who have already seen it).

I am a holiday lover, not just the big one either.  I love April Fools Day!  I always do something for my boys (except last year...whoops!)  This year I saw this idea here, and thought it would be great.  I don't like mean jokes and my boys are a bit sensitive so I wanted to find something they would think was funny.  They were a bit startled to go to the fridge this morning and see the food looking out at them! I had to laugh every time I got into the fridge for soemthing.  To see some of the past jokes I've played on my boys look here, here and here.