Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Drops of Awesome

In my church I serve in the children's organization (we call it Primary).  Tonight I was at a meeting and this thought was shared.  If you want the whole version, go to the link, if not I will paraphrase.  It is by a mother who was feeling overwhelmed.  Every time she did something good in her life or for her kids, she was plagued by all of the other things that she didn't do right.

I think as women that is something we all struggle with, whether it be as a mom, in your job, as a friend, sister, daughter, wife, whatever.  We all just never measure up.

To be honest I have lofty expectations of myself and especially regarding my family.  Most nights I go to sleep thinking of all of the things that I didn't do, or could have done better.  I am a bit of a perfectionist with things I care about.  In the blog post this mother starts to recognize the things that she DOES do and calls them "drops of awesome".

She talks about not worrying about all of the things that you don't do, or make mistakes on and focusing on those things that we DO in a day.  The times we do work out (and forget about the times we don't), the times we serve others, the times we are patient and understanding verses all of those times we fall short.

In the the post she starts to notice all of the "drops of awesome" she achieves in a day and also realizes in the end Jesus Christ makes up for the times we fall short.  Now whether you are Christian or not, I think this is such a good message.  That we try to be more gentle with ourselves, that we focus on the good and teach ourselves to let go of those times we fail, or come up short.

Life has been crazy overwhelming for me lately.  I have WAY too much on my plate, and usually that is how I like things, but lately every time I am able to check off something on my list, I immediately think of the 8 million things I still need to do.  I have had a hard time sleeping and have been a bit irritable (my poor husband and kids) as a result of how overwhelmed I am feeling.

This message was SO something I needed tonight, and I thought I would share it in case there was someone out there feeling as overwhelmed and down as I have been feeling.  Just keep counting those "drops of awesome"!

Jacket and shirt: Old Navy | Skirt: F21 (similar) | Boots: Famous Footwear | Bag: Ross | Sunglasses: Banana Republic Factory | Necklace: F21

pleated poppy


  1. Very nice outfit!! :)
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

    The Fashion Heels

  2. Great outfit! I love that skirt.

    I too struggle with the whole mommy guilt. Something I fight daily. One of the things that has helped me not to dwell on that, is being sure my heart is content in whatever circumstance, fully grounded on the Lord.

    Said a prayer for you this morning!

  3. Nice look! Love the skirt! :) Do you wanna follow each other?

  4. Lovely outfit! I love that striped skirt, so pretty.


  5. Great message and outfit. Love it!


  6. Such good points, and I love the "drops of awesome" :) Love your striped skirt too...so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. "Drops of awesome"... I love that! It is so easy to get caught up in all the little things that didn't go right that you forget the things that went well. Thanks for sharing!

  8. super cute outfit! I love your great thoughts on choosing to be happy with ourselves and looking at the positive things we do :)

  9. WOW, this was the message I needed to hear today...thanks!

  10. Hi! i just discovered your blog and guess what? I'm following you now! I would love it if you could follow me back :) I'd be great to keep in touch! You've got a Lovely blog!

  11. what a great look!! Would love if we could follow one another!

  12. Great outfit Emily! I like the field jacket in the khaki too. I bought the ON striped skirt too. I love it.


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