Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Combat boots and Ballet

 This blog title is probably the only time those two subjects have been in the same sentence!  Tonight Josh and I had tickets to Ballet West's "The Lottery".   I truly love most forms of dance, but ballet is probably one of my very favorites to watch.  I have always thought that I would take my daughters to the ballet, but as most of you know...I don't have any (4 boys).  While I am planning to take my boys to the ballet plenty, this time I thought it would be fun to take my nieces.

We took these two beautiful girls to dinner first and then to the ballet.  This was the funnest night, this was these girls first time to the ballet and they just loved everything.  My sweet niece on the right in this picture, kept oohing and ahhing and gasping through the whole performance she loved it so much.  It was pretty cute.  When it was all over they were both in raptures.  It was such a perfect night. (p.s. in this picture there is someone sitting behind me and her hair makes it look like I have crazy ears!!)

The funniest thing about it was that during the intermissions we have tickets to a reception that has hors d'oeuvre to snack on.  The girls first thought it was so fun, but as the food was not too kid friendly.  They tried so hard to pretend they liked them, but I could tell they didn't.  Good thing the snack bar had gummy bears :)  

Cardi: Old navy | Brown Shirt: Target | Red shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: Zara | Boots: Famous Footwear (recent, here in black) | Bag: Aldo | Sunglasses: Nordstrom


  1. What an adorable pic of you and your nieces! Love your hair like that too Emily:)!

  2. What a fun night!! You all look so happy! I laughed so hard once you pointed out the other ladies hair!:) Too funny!!!

  3. OH such a fun night! I so miss the ballet!

    xx Amy

    Leopard and Lillies

  4. Sounds like fun!! Love the layering and these boots!

  5. Love the boots and gingham!


  6. Love your boots! Such a cute look! And what cute girls!!

  7. love your boots and such a cute picture with the girls!:)
    xx Kate

  8. Aw, so fun! My family goes to the nutcracker nearly every year and I've always loved the tradition. Hopefully I'll get to take my girls one day (or nieces) your neices are both adorable! I love how you dressed and did your hair for the ballet and this outfit is great too, love the boots!

  9. I love those boots!!

  10. How adorable! That sounds like so much fun, and your nieces are precious! You look fabulous in your combat boots!

    xo Jenny

  11. yikes, the gingham and brown is darling together! love it!

  12. Oh, how sweet of you! You sound like a fun aunt. And with four sons, you're lucky to have nieces to spend some girl time with. :)

    I'm hoping to catch The Nutcracker this year. It used to be tradition for me and my bff to go together every year, but she moved away a couple years ago and it seemed sad to go without her. But, I'll probably drag my boyfriend next month. Lol.

    I love your outfit. I'm obsessing over your shoes and bag. Those are SO my style!

  13. Aww, I'm so glad you took your nieces to the ballet! So sweet. What a great aunt you are! :)

  14. LOVE that outfit...


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