Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Little Parent Teacher Conferencing

 The weather has turned back to being sunny, but the temperatures are still COLD!  I am still refusing to call it winter, I prefer for it to be just a cold autumn...with snow, and ice...but it is still autumn :)
 Today was a major parent pay off day for me.  We got to go to S.E.P. Conferences with our boys.  No idea what the acronym is for, but it is basically parent/teacher conferences where kids come too.  It was so fun to hear all of the good things my boys teachers have to say about them.  We have some seriously awesome teachers and each one is PERFECT for the boy in their class.  I feel so lucky.

In each class our boys were in charge of leading the conference.  First they took Josh and me into their classrooms and showed us different things.  They had all practiced what they were going to say and took us through their projects and what they are currently working on.  I have to say I got a little teary a few times seeing them act so grown up and I left so grateful for teachers that are empowering my boys.  It was definitely a thankful day.  As a parent these are my favorite times!
Shirt: F21 | Cardigan: Jcrew Factory | Jeans: Bohme Boutique | Booties: Steve Madden via Ebay | Sunglasses: Ross | 
Belt: Dillards | Necklace: F21

pleated poppy


  1. Love those shoes and it sounds like the boys are doing a wonderful job in school! Keep up the good work mom, because I believe most of that comes from home!

    xx Amy
    Leopard and Lillies

  2. Emily those boots are gorgeous:)! Great staple piece to add to your fall/winter wardrobe!

  3. Obsessed with your argyle cardi!!! LOVE it! Glad that SEP's went well for you!:)

  4. love this look, one of my favorites of your looks, the cardigan is so amazing!:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  5. Sounds like a great day! I'm sure you were definitely the best dressed parent there. I'm so in love with your boots! Such a chic outfit!

    xo Jenny

  6. Emily I LOVE this outfit on you - one of my faves! Those boots are fabulous :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. You just reminded me that somewhere in my armoir of sweaters there is an argyle cardigan. I am so glad to hear your sons are doing well in school!

  8. Boots!!!! :O love!
    and bet you were the most tylin' mom at parent teacher! :D
    Love it Emily!
    Happy Hump Day!

  9. I hope I look this awesome at the parent teacher conferences in my (far off) future! I absolutely love your boots!


  10. I LOVE your ankle boots! That is so great that your boys are doing wonderfully in school :)

    The Tiny Heart

  11. Love those colors on you...so pretty! Glad your kids' conferences went well!

  12. hello dear :-) nice outfit! I love shoes and I love the polka dot shirt inside his pants!

    I follow you :-) if you like, follow me back!
    kisses, Andrea!

    * _ *

  13. That cardigan is so cute. I have a sweater just like it--you have given me inspiration to pull it out again! P/T Conferences are mixed for me. My oldest (12), is usually a bit of a bummer. He has ADHD and it has been a struggle, even though he is very smart. But the younger two are always advanced. This next conference, though, for my oldest son, I am very excited for. He's been doing very well lately! I also have mixed emotions about the kids coming to the conference. I get it, but sometimes it can do more harm than good, I think.

  14. You look SO cute! I love the color of the cardi and the polka dots are just fab.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. What a pretty outfit! I'll have to try argyle and polka dots soon :)

  16. I had so looked forward to fall and cooler temps, but now that they are here, I am over it. Let's bring things back up to the 70s, please.

    I love the dots and argyle together!

  17. You look amazing and I love the booties. I went to my very first conference last week and it was so wonderful listening how well my daughter is doing in preschool.

  18. That cardigan and those boots are so so awesome!

  19. This is so gorgeous! I love the print mixing and the booties are adorable. They look great over your jeans:) xo

  20. i love the mixed prints! cute boots! -xo.melody

  21. This outfit is really adorable, but I love a pop of yellow!! I bet you were the best dressed teacher there. You have a nice blog, and I'll be back for some seasonal clothing inspiration!


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