Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In Which a Utah Girl Falls in Love With the Big Apple

We came home from New York to an extremely harsh reality.  This week has been one of the busiest of my entire life as a mother.  I wake up early, go all day stopping home only to drop off or pick something (or someone) up and then go on my way again.  I haven't had much time to spend on my appearance so I figured we'd skip any sort of outfit posts as you may never some back again :)  I decided that it would be a good time for a seriously obnoxious load of pictures few pictures from our recent trip. They are a mix of my camera and the pictures I posted on Instagram

Let me start of telling you that I had been to New York once before.  I was 19 and afraid of EVERYTHING.  I was sure that I was going to end up dead in a dumpster somewhere.  I had only been out of the state with my family previous to my trip as a 19 year old and the NY trip I went with one of my roommates.  I was a bit of a mess...although I really liked it, but a mess just the same.
Josh and I have traveled quite a bit and so I now consider myself a fairly traveled gal and I was excited to go back to New York and actually enjoy myself.  Josh is the perfect traveling partner because he is fairly fearless and can find his way around any city (I am directionally challenged).

Our hotel was right off Time Square with was perfect because pretty much anywhere we'd heard of to eat was fairly close to the hotel and we got to pass through it dozens of times on our way to and from different adventures.  We spent our first morning enjoying and biking around Central Park.
The main thing Josh had put on his list of things to do was to go to The 9-11 Memorial, so we made that our first stop.  It was so surreal to be there.  The picture above is the new building that is going up.
The memorial is a huge fountain with the names of all of the victims around it.  As we walked around we both relived that day and the following days all those years ago.  Josh and I had been dating a few months and we both could remember so many details of that one horrible day.  It was interesting that most people there were whispering or talking really quietly.  It was definitely an experience I will always remember.

As we walked around we happened upon Bryant Park.  We'd missed NY Fashion Week by a few days, but there were still a whole bunch of remnants of the week around.  That night they were getting ready for a hoe down.  We should have stayed...but we didn't.
One of my favorite buildings was the NY Public Library.  It was so gorgeous.  It kept reminding me of Breakfast at Tiffany's (LOVE that movie).
We spent most of this day shopping in SOHO.  It was POURING rain, so we didn't get many pictures, but if we had taken any it would have been with me blissfully gathering armloads of clothes for the dressing rooms and Josh sitting with the other husbands/boyfriends on a bench playing on his phone.  He earned MAJOR brownie points this day...
We ate some INCREDIBLE food on our trip.  We had The Shake Shack TWICE and a little pizza place my friend suggested twice as well (had to get our fill).  We even just walked into a little Italian cafe and found some of the best Italian I have ever eaten.  We also visited Crumbs twice...
Josh had to be in conferences for part of our trip so my parents flew in to hang out with me during the day and we met up with Josh after the conferences for fun things each night.  As we are all Yankees fans, we thought it might be apropos to go to a game.  We were so glad we did as it was a GOOD GAME.
The next day we did the double decker bus thing while Josh was at his conference.  I had wondered where this globe had gone that had been in front of the World Trade Center.  I have a picture of it from my first trip.  We stumbled on it by chance in Battery Park.
That night we headed to Broadway.  Josh and I saw Wicked in London, but my parent had never seen it.  We decided that needed to be remedied and took them.  They loved it and we loved it just as much the second time as we did the first!

The next day was spent on a tour of NY from the water and then going to the Statue of Liberty.
It's funny that the Statue of Liberty is SO commercialized that I couldn't have predicted the awe and amazement I felt being so close to it.  I kept thinking of what it was like for my ancestors to get their first glimpse of her after a long and miserable boat ride.  To know they had finally reached their destination and were going to start a new life.  I think I would have been so scared, but I am glad they made the decision they did.
I was so picture happy on this trip (okay I am usually picture happy), but I just wanted to remember every detail!
Our last night we ate dinner at The Rockefeller Center.
It was the perfect place to end our wonderful trip.  I have to be honest, I went home exhausted.  We ran from one thing to another from sun up to sun down, but it was the good kind of exhausted.  I LOVE New York and totally want to bring my boys back to show them this amazing city.
Our flight was SO EARLY the next morning, but when I looked out my window, but is what I saw.  The sunrise above the clouds was so gorgeous!


  1. i LOVE New York.. I"m so jealous that you were just there. Looks like so much fun!

  2. enjoyed all of your new york pictures! it is an amazing city and looks like you had a blast!

    XO Meghan

  3. Wow! Looks like you had a great time! The pictures are great and all your outfits were perfect for touring NY

  4. So fun! I haven't been back to NYC since I was a teenager either! I think it would be more fun the 2nd time around!

  5. Great pictures. I hope to make it there sometime in my life. Seems like a magical place.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time!! So glad you got to go! :)

  7. Oh my gosh!! All of your pics are so GREAT! What a fun trip for you!! It makes me want to go back to NY asap. Thanks for sharing:) Have a great weekend!
    xx, amy

  8. I reallyyy want to go to New York! It looks amazing! It seems like you guys had a wonderful trip :)

    xoxo, Adela


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