Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lace and Chambray

I am in a bind...any of you who play Draw Something on your smart phones will understand.  I was meaning to pick to draw "cards" and accidentally hit "Finland."  What in the world, how would ANYONE draw Finland (I mean for those of us who have never been there drawing for someone who has also never been there...)  I am in trouble.  It is also my 2nd move with a new opponent...yes it is a bind.  Any suggestions?  Is that cheating if I ask for help?  
Once upon a time I would have NEVER worn the above outfit.  One trend however that I am growing to love is that of playing with different fabrics and textures together.  I think back in the day fashion used to be all about being cohesive with an outfit and nowadays it is anything but.
Not that cohesiveness is a don't, because I still love that in an outfit, but sometimes it is fun to make each piece stand out individually instead as in an entire look...does that even make sense?

This is yet one more of my favorite skirts from back in the day (and I am loving that it goes right along with the lace trend right now).  I have a few that I just adore and doubt I will ever get rid of.  I have a few more to show are so excited right?
Shirt: Jcrew | Skirt: Banana Republic (similar style here) | Shoes: Aldo (similar) | Necklaces: no idea | Bag: Nine West via Macys | Sunnies: Nordstrom

Here's a couple of Instagram pics from the last few days

We went to see fireworks the night of the fourth and McKay is so afraid of them.  It made me sad to see him so worried.  I held him tight and he loves to say his colors so everyone once in a while he would look at one and say it was red or green, and then bury his head back in my chest.  When it was over I asked him if he liked it, he said "no, that was scary."  Maybe next year :)
This morning we woke up to much needed rain.  If any of you have been following national news lately you know there have been fires all over the country.  Sadly, Utah is one of those states that is being heavily affected by fires because it is so dry.  One fire got very close to my brother's new house and we have all been praying for rain.  We were so excited to wake up to the wonderful sound and smell of rain outside our door.

Every summer we put puddle jumping (it's too cold before summer) on our bucket list of things to do during the summer, but we usually don't get very much rain, so a lot of years we don't do it.  We hurried up and got on our rain boots, each of the boys was in various stages of getting ready (hence Palmer is in some weird t-shirt, soccer short, thigh high soccer socks get up...).
We went on a hunt for the biggest puddles we could find.
In true McKay fashion, he was hilarious.  He kept throwing his umbrella around and sitting down in the puddles, we were all laughing like crazy.  He is so fun.  I hope the rain continues!!


  1. Emily this is such a pretty skirt! I LOVE the way you've styled it with the denim shirt and tan heels... such a great look on you.

    Oh and if you want rain, you should take some of the UK's... we had the wettest June on record and yesterday was the first day it didn't rain at any time during the day in AGES. We've got more flood warnings today. Why can't the weather spread itself over the globe evenly - unlike you we just want some sun!!! ;)

    Catherine x

  2. What an adorable picture with the umbrellas! <3

    Lea x

  3. Lovely style. The white skirt looks amazing on you. White is perfect for summer. I like that really.
    The pictures with your boys and the umbrellas is so cute.
    xo, Petra

  4. Your outfit is lovely. And so is the photo of your 4 boys with their umbrellas. I showed that photo to my 4 year old and my son was very impressed because he just got himself a duck umbrela not long ago and he loves Optimus prime too :p

    BB @

  5. okay your outfit is just perfect. i love lace and chambray!! also... i've never played Draw Something so i'm not totally sure of your predicament... BUT, if i WERE to play draw something, i'd think Finland would be pretty darn hard to draw. :)

    still being [molly]

  6. Aww that pic with the umbrellas is too cute - I love it! And how fabulous are your rain boots - too fun!


  7. You look so cute! I love the lace and chambray together, you look really classy :)

    Aw, how sweet that he was scared of the fireworks! I think I was too at that age - they are a little intimidating!

  8. I am of the opinion that you can use words in your Draw Something pictures as long as the word is not in the clue. So, I would draw Finland as a dolphin "fin" + L& or something like that. :)

    PS - your heels up there? Gorgeous! Love the color!

    The Blue Hour

  9. This is such a cute outfit...I love how you paired the casual chambray with lace to make it dressier. Your kids are so cute in their rainboots, glad to hear Utah got some rain! It's the worst when you accidentally pick the wrong word in Draw Something. Have a great weekend, Emily!

    The Tiny Heart

  10. Oooo, I love that skirt. So beautiful and perfect for summer! Happy Friday!

  11. Love this outfit, the white lace looks so gorgeous with the denim - great combo!

    The Urban Umbrella


  12. Super cute skirt! I love the picture of all the kids with their umbrellas!

  13. Love the outfit, especially the pop of color in the shoes!


  14. Puddle jumping looks like a blast. You always seem to be having the best time with your children! And that skirt? It is so pretty on you!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  15. Enjoyed reading this adorable post of the kids! The chambray + lace looks so gorgeous together! I love the red lip!

    Jewelry Giveaway!

  16. I LOVE your skirt and shoes!! darling :)


  17. Loving your skirt! It's so gorgeous! Your kids are so cute :)


  18. I'm totally stealing this idea to pair a lace skirt of mine with my chambray shirt...c-u-t-e!


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