Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Twirly Skirt

 I have been thinking lately about just when it was that I realized that I loved fashion.  It definitely wasn't when I played with my first Barbie, because I actually didn't really like playing Barbies.  My sister would dress hers up (which I thought was just plain boring), while I would put my Barbie in roller skates and run her into the wall producing a need for a Barbie hospital, which I thought was totally fun (don't hate me!)...  I was sort of a tomboy to be honest (are we still friends?).

My love of fashion may have started with me liking Blair on "The Facts of Life."  I mean nobody liked Blair, but I dreamed of dressing just like her when I was a teenager (thankfully that didn't happen).  And then I was the only one who liked Margo on Punky Brewster.  Margo was a stinker, as was Blair, but I loved how they dressed so while I was pretending to like Punky best with all the cool kids, inside I was loving all that lovely pink Margo was wearing, not to mention her perfect ringlets.

Then I realized that I had a problem when I was loving Whitley on "A Different World" (did ANYONE besides me ever watch these shows?) and nobody else liked her.  What was wrong with me?  In the end Idiscovered I was a fashion lover.

I think the time I really fell in love with all things feminine was when for Christmas one year my little sister and I got those dresses with the enormous slip under them that twirled like nobody's business.  I wore that thing to pieces.  From then on I was a devout follower of anything with ruffles (the 80s were good to me). 
 So even though I have grown up and would look absolutely ridiculous in a dress with a huge slip (unless I picked up clogging which I wouldn't absolutely rule out), I still have a love for a good twirly skirt. 
 This dress is one of my favs.  It is a bit too big for me (I am in serious need of finding a good person for alterations), but I still love it to pieces and wore it last week to church.  It reminds me of the shape of those lovely 50s dresses with the full skirt.  I would have been in heaven living in that era (that may once again be an indication I need to pick up clogging so I can wear those poofy skirts) I love how it swishes when I walk and the skirt twirls out on occasion, you know like when I turn a corner too sharply, or turn around suddenly, or lose all control and repeatedly turn around in circles (I do my best to prevent this from happening if anyone is watching).

Yep it's an awesome twirly skirt, and every girl should own a good twirly skirt...
Dress: Shabby Apple | Shoes: Steve Madden | Bag: Nine West via Ross | Jewelry and headband: Banana Republic


  1. lovely dress. i love fashion since childhood, because my grandfather was a tailor and i sitted on his table watch him work and look at fashion magazines instead of kids books...

  2. very cute dress!
    xx Kate


  3. LOVE the print on that dress! Wish I had it to wear to a wedding this weekend. And, of course, now I want a twirly skirt of my own. Time to shop, methinks. :)

  4. Great post! I think about this all the time. I actually think I was always into fashion because I DID dress up my Barbies for an embarrassing amount of years. And I LOVED Punky Brewster and the Facts of Life (though I was much more a Trudy fan myself). This dress looks great on you! I love the subtle pattern and the color is great on you! Lovely photos as well!

    1. Ha ha, I think I would love to play with Barbies now. The clothes dressing up sounds fabulous. I just don't think that I could get any of my boys to do it!! I was also a Trudy fan...totally at war with myself :)

  5. OMG!!! I wanted to be Margo when I was little!! I totally forgot about it until you wrote this! Brought back memories and a smile! And girl, I thought Blair hung the moon! We had such great shows to watch back then...I love the nostalgia! I didn't play with Barbies either, but I wasn't a tomboy, I have always played dress up and got into all my older sister's makeup when I was little! And of course you are rocking it in that dress! ;)

    1. Shanna, I just knew we were meant to be friends!! :)

  6. Ahh, twirly skirts are the best! I actually liked Margo too. =) You look beautiful!

  7. Loving this dress! But not going to lie, those heels are a show stealer! LOVE them!

  8. SO nice your lady dress, as Blair, jejeje



  9. I am so glad that you posted this. I came to love fashion in my thirties, and I always felt weird that I had never played with Barbies or dreamed of my wedding. I guess I like being my own Barbie, in the sense that I dress myself nicely.


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