Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Anjolee Jewelry

I have to admit, I love diamonds.  Like really sparkly diamonds (I once had a college professor that had two of the most amazing diamond rings that were more brilliant and sparkly than anything I had ever seen. She wore one ring on each hand and I was mesmerized for her entire class...she was a smart lady.  She knew how to keep our attention).  When my husband was asking me what I wanted in a wedding ring, I pretty much summed it up with "sparkly."  I had no idea how to achieve said sparkly-ness, but I knew that was what would make me love it, and I do. If you would start singing "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" in your head right now, it is the sound track for this post (the Nicole Kidman one from Moulin Rouge if you please :)

I was contacted by Anjolee Jewelry and asked if I would review their website, and of course as diamond lover I could not resist.  I have to tell you what I found was pretty much AMAZING!

I have to admit, as much as I love jewelry, I am SO PICKY when it comes to picking it out.  I want something that I am going to love forever so I definitely am more choosy.  One of my favorite features of Anjolee Jewelry is that you can customize your own piece.  That is something right up my alley.   I know both Josh and I would have loved this site back in the day (10 years y'all!)  I would have loved checking out the diamond bridal sets and diamond engagement rings.  Actually what am I saying?  I DID loved checking them all out!!

So I went on a virtual diamond shopping spree (you know you all do the virtual spree...) and I am so excited to show you what I "bought"...

 I have always wanted a tennis bracelet, they are so delicate and feminine.  I love both the gold and silver of this one.

 This is my diamond ring for my other hand (you know like my college professor had...I am totally planning on it :)  I honestly fell in love with this gorgeous ring. 

Aren't these the loveliest diamond earrings EVER!!??  Josh and I are going to a black tie dinner on Friday and I am wishing that my shopping spree weren't just virtual so I could don these gorgeous gals that night.  Sigh....

 I have to say hands down my favorite section on this site was the Riviera necklace.  These necklaces are breathtakingly gorgeous. This was my last pick because I didn't want to get too carried away on my shopping spree (because you KNOW that you are always secretly thinking that you might just hit the "buy" button when all those goodies are in your cart and think about it later...not saying I do that, but it may or may not have happened before).  Is not this necklace incredible!?  I may compare it to every necklace I ever see for the rest of my life and never be satisfied again...I might need it :)

Okay now we come to the best part of the Anjolee site (you know aside from all of that fabulous jewelry), they have the coolest education center EVER.  I wish that I had known about it all of those years ago when we were in the market for our engagement ring (good thing Josh did his homework).  You can learn everything you ever wanted to know about fine jewelry right on their site from the karat of the gold you are buying to the 4 Cs to how to care for your piece of jewelry after you buy it.  This is definitely going to be bookmarked on my computer.  Every person should do this before buying a piece of jewelry. 

Alright so in conclusion all I can say is you're welcome.  This site really is awesome and I know you are so thrilled to begin your shopping spree :(hopefully it isn't just a virtual one :)  I am actually thrilled that I have found this awesome site and I have to say I am pretty sure my husband won't be as thrilled about it...

If you have a chance, I'd love to see what you loved on their site (put the link in the comments section)


  1. What a 'virtual' haul! My husband that likes to buy jewelry (he said they are better than handbags, haha!) but honestly since coming to Dubai, my social life has gone down the drain so I have no where to go with them.. a bit too much to wear a dangling diamond earring to grab a carton of milk isn't it? ; P

    Come check out my new obsession :

  2. That last necklace is just stunning! Ahh, I just love diamonds :)

    The Tiny Heart

  3. You're like my thoughts out loud!The top bracelet is truly beautiful.

    Lea x


  4. These are gorgeous pieces! I love sparkles, too - so much so that after my ex-fiance and I decided to call of our engagement (it was for the best), I had a custom-made diamond and citrine ring made, because I missed my engagement ring so much! :-S All of these are really, really lovely.

    Mini Me Style Blog

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  6. I love the necklace a lot. As far as the ring I love when diamonds go all around the band...

    jewelry subscription boxes

  7. I love that necklace! It's GORGEOUS! I looked and I would love this ring: http://www.anjolee.com/wedding-rings-and-anniversary-rings/diamond-engagement-rings/Contemporary-Engagement-Ring-with-Side-Stones.aspx

  8. They have great pieces! I really like that everything is so customizable on their site.

  9. Ooh those earrings!! Surely you can find some CZ versions until you can get some with real diamonds? I'm a big fan of CZs...for now. :)

  10. ummm, YES, I will take that gold/silver/diamond sparkling bracelet please! Love your picks! How fun. :)

  11. I have earrings from there and they are fabulous! Great picks!

  12. *sigh* diamonds are so wonderful, i'd love to have the first bracelet! well, I guess either my boyfriend has to become a millionaire over night or I have to wait a bit until I can afford it (if I will ever be able to...)
    Thanks for your sweet comment today!

    xxx Anita

  13. I am really liking that tennis bracelet! That could be matched with all sorts of things :)

    Seize the Styles

  14. AHHHH no wonder diamonds are a girls best friend :) seriously those are gorgeous

  15. I've checked out their site before and have been thoroughly impressed. Absolutely gorgeous diamond choices!

  16. These pieces are just gorgeous, especially that diamond ring! The silver color is absolutely beautiful, and the mounted stone on it is just perfect. It is typical for woman to be so picky when buying jewelry, especially if it is for their wedding. After all, what a woman wears defines who she is and what she wants in life.

    *Jeffry Pullam


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