Sunday, May 20, 2012

Navy Stripes and a Walking Story

Today our family went down to Salt Lake to the Conference Center for church instead of our usual meeting. I have to admit I am a little over confident about my ability to walk in high heels.  I LOVE to walk in heels, the higher the better.  I really do enjoy it.  Well, I knew that we would have to park a bit further away and I would need to walk a ways so I brought some ballet flats to do the walking in and then I would change into my heels...(the heels in question are the ones in these pictures). 
 When we got to Salt Lake and were pulling into the parking garage I could see the Conference Center right up the street and I just thought, what a pain to have to pack my heels in my purse...I am fine.  I am a champ heel walker...

Walking there wasn't a big deal although I got a little water blister on the back of my heel but no biggie.  It didn't even hurt.
 Well, on the way back we decided to stop over at Temple Square.  It is the prettiest most peaceful place ever (totally is a must do if you ever come to Salt Lake people), and the flowers right now are gorgeous.  Well just walking across the street I was getting uncomfortable in the heels.  By the time we had crossed the street my feet were kind of hurting.
 Well, it was noon and getting to be lunch time so I have to admit I was sort of wanting to head home and encouraging my kids to want to do the same. My feet just weren't doing so hot and I was longing for the ballet flats that had been left behind.
 So my sweet and disappointed husband (he was totally looking forward to hanging out at Temple Square for a bit...oh well.  Another time right??) pointed us all in the direction of the parking garage and we started walking, and walking and walking and I felt like I had walked a marathon!! Honestly my feet have never been in so much pain.
 At one point I stepped in some crack and totally messed up my ankle. I am sure those around me were thinking what a total dork I was for trying to go that far in these HIGH heels. Well, to make a long story even longer, I have never been so grateful in my life to take my shoes off.  I now know I am not the queen of walking in heels (although I still love them!) and will ALWAYS take a pair of ballet flats with me on all long walks.  The end.
Blazer: Express (similar here and here) | Shirt: Arden B (similar) | Skirt: Dillards (love this one) | Heels: Aldo (similar) | Purse: Aldo (similar) | Sunnies: Ross (similar) | Bracelets: Jcrew here and here


  1. Adore the skirt and the heels. I cannot walk in heels to save my life. Platforms? Yes. Wedges? Yes. But pretty little heels like those? Nope. But I would love to do so. Hope your feet and ankle are better.

  2. This is so funny. Heels are worth it, right? Because you look so so cute and feminine in heels? I guess the blisters aren't quite so cute, though :)

  3. Beautiful striped blazer! And I love all of your bracelets!


  4. very elegant!!!

  5. I love the striped blazer, looks so great on you! The pleats on the bottom of your is so cute.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. The detail at the end of that skirt is too pretty. And of course, I love anything striped....

    A Southern Drawl

  7. I loathe walking in uncomfortable shoes but sometimes, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! You are a better woman than me though, I would have walked bare foot back to the car :)

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  8. Really love that look. I absolutely hate walking in uncomfortable shoes. I try to bring flats with me all the time. But if I don't I keep walking in the heels because I can't walk barefoot.

  9. Ugh, having uncomfortable shoes is the worst, especially when you have a far walk! I try to buy really comfy heels for this very reason!

    Enter my giveaway!

  10. very smart chic look, I like the horizontal stripped jacket...adds a whimsical touch to your outfit. Nautical inspired styling is always chic and timeless..great layering and the pleated detail at the bottom of the skirt is simply pretty!


  11. I would have thought of pairing that blazer with blue underneath, but it looks fantastic! And the pleats on your skirt are so feminine and fun. Love this!

  12. I love your blazer so classic.
    Have a nice week


  13. The skirt and jacket looks so well together I was surprise to find out that they came from 2 different stores!

    Come and check out my post today!

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  15. Cute!<3 Love the bag and the shoes!<3

  16. That skirt is great! I've definitely misjudged walking distances when choosing's never fun!


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