Tuesday, May 29, 2012

José Eber Product Review and a Hair Tutorial

 A few weeks ago I was contacted by José Eber about doing a review of some of their products.  I was invited to check out their website and pick out a few that I would like to try.  Well first off I have to say I was beyond THRILLED about it.  I had heard of José Eber before and knew their products were amazing, but I TRIED to play it cool.  I went onto their website and drooled over the dozens of awesome, not to mention cute, products.  In then end I decided on the Jose Eber Pro Series 25 mm Curling Iron in Giraffe , the Jose Eber 100% Ceramic 1 ¼” –Pink Heart and the Jose Eber Multi-Use Styling Comb.
 I have to say that I tried to be patient waiting for them to get here, but I was so excited!  When They came I opened the box and promptly fell in love.  I am somewhat a sucker for presentation, and this presentation was awesome.  The boxes as well as the products were SO CUTE!!

 You can't tell me that these babies wouldn't make getting ready in the morning all that much more fun (and I am tellin' ya, they do)!!
  They heat up and curl my hair SUPER fast and they have cut down my hair styling time by a lot. 
Now a little hair styling tutorial.  This is my ritual I go through each morning when I do my hair.  I don't like to blow dry my hair after getting out of the shower.  It is somewhat fine and I worry a lot about damage, so I usually shower the night before and then put my hair in a ponytail on top of my head to dry.  In the morning I use a blow dryer for to finish it up, but thanks to the air dry, it is pretty quick.

This pic is what it looks like after it has been dried, and in the horrible light of my bathroom.
I then take my curling iron, turn it upside down and curl the ends of my hair, leaving out a bit of hair at the end.  I love that this curling iron is clipless because when I am doing my hair normally, I have to hold the clip open while I curl my hair.  This is so much easier to use!

The hubs was taking my pictures while I did my hair and he kept making me laugh.  He was taking his job as my photographer very seriously telling me to give him certain faces and it was just funny. 
I like more of a relaxed curl so I take different thicknesses of hair to curl and I leave it in about 7 seconds for a relaxed look and about 10 for a more curled one (at least that works for my hair).
Half way done...maybe I should go with this hair style some day.  What do you think, fashion forward? :)

This is what my hair looks like from the back.  I run my fingers through it a bunch to get the curl to relax even more.  I have to say again, this seems like it is time consuming, and it used to be a little bit, but now it is super fast thanks to these awesome products!!
I then take my extra cute straightener and straighten my bangs and "wings" (I would have been loving my random curl at my temples in the 80s...)  This straightener, like the curling iron is so awesome and speedy, as it seems I am always hurrying to be somewhere I just love how fast I can get ready now.

Last but not least I use this AWESOME comb.  I don't have a picture of me using it because my boys also love it, especially my 2 year old and he has claimed it, putting it in one of his hiding spots (the joys of a mommy style blogger).  I am actually DYING without it.  It is the best thing I have ever used for backcombing.  I am in love with it.  I love it's different widths so I can decide if I want a more tight or loose back comb. 
This is the finished product with much better light.  I have to say my experience with José Eber was amazing.  Their products are not only the cutest thing around, but so so AMAZING!

Now that you are all drooling and wishing that you could get these awesome products I have a surprise for you!!  

José Eber has generously offered my lucky readers a discount of 15% right now!!  All you need is the coupon code CREAMY15.


  1. You're so lucky girl!! How fun. Those are super cute patterns and your hair looks so pretty :)


  2. I love the cute design of hearts and animal prints! I think you look good with this new hair do, gives some texture and wave :)

  3. Your hair looks really pretty curled! And the prints on the products are so fun :)

    Enter to win a clutch!

  4. How fun you got to try out some new hair tools! I love your hair curled like that. A clipless curling iron sounds like the way to go for sure!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

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  6. What fun and cute tools! I love how your hair came out, the curls look great! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. You look so cute with curls in your hair! These products look really nice :)

  8. Hello!
    You are so lucky to taste that product, the final result in your hair I love it.



  9. Oooh..lucky you! The pink hearts are killing me! So cute!

  10. The designs of these are too cute! I love you you can use them to add a natural little wave to the hair!


  11. Gorgeous! We love your amazing comb too!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
    SHOP: www.saboskirt.com
    BLOG: www.saboskirt.blogspot.com

  12. You have such pretty hair! I have the opposite problem- my hair is SUPER thick/dry/wavy, but I'm the same way- I shun blowdryer and sleep with my wet hair in a ponytail, then style in the morning. Except that tends to lead to wearing a ponytail most days because my hair takes SO long to style. I might have to check out that comb. I have tried all kinds of "teasing combs," but I still can't seem to get it right. My hair always just falls flat and the volume never stays. Thanks for the great review!


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