Thursday, March 15, 2012

What I Wore-Flourecent Pink, Lime and Red

 I have expressed a few times how much I love the fun pops of color that are trending this season.  I especially love wearing them TOGETHER!  I also am loving that wide leg jeans are coming back in.  I love skinnies, but it is fun to have a little variety. 
 This outfit could be dressed up a bit with more jewelry and a blazer, or more casual like the way I wore it here. 

 I am having some issues lately with my hair...I prefer to call it Ombre, but really it is "in severe need of help," blonde.  While I like sharing fun ideas for outfits, the picture thing is so hilarious to me, I totally dislike pictures of myself and am not very good at it.  I talked Josh into taking some pictures outside so I didn't have to take them of myself and so I could have better light.  I live in fear of someone seeing me getting random pictures taken of myself and tried to just hurry and get it done, and forgot to move the camera case in the background.  Hopefully it gets better :)

Lime shirt: JCrew | Cardigan: Forever 21 (recent) | Jeans: Joe's Jeans | Flats: Urban Oufitters |
 Bracelet: Jcrew, Sunglasses: Banana Republic Outlet


  1. I love this color combination! The pastel green is beautiful with the stripes. Thanks for stopping by Nautical Stripes btw :)

    I'm your newest follower!

    Mindy at

  2. HOnestly? I love that your pictures aren't perfect and that you aren't totally perfect. :) :) Much for fun to read a blog that is realistic!!

  3. Thanks Lynette, this one definitely will be far from perfect :)


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