Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ski Bunny

 I didn't grow up skiing, but living in Utah, lots of my friends were skiers.  When I got to college I lived in a town that had a great ski resort not too far away.  I decided that the time had come to teach myself to ski. I did my best and got so I could go down the hill, but it definitely wasn't pretty.  I ended up marrying Josh, who is an amazing skier.  The first time we ever went together, he watched me ski and um...wasn't too impressed.  Not that he would ever say anything, but I could tell, that my form left something to be desired.
 Having young kids skiing got put on the back burner, but we always wanted to go with them.  This year we finally got them skis and passes to a local resort.  I had NO intention of being part of the whole ski thing.  As I said, I'm not that good and I was happy to stay home with McKay.  That was until Josh found out that McKay could ski...he promptly got us both skis and me a pass.  He took me and the boys on Saturday (McKay's first time will be New Year's Eve, I can't wait to watch him ski! His skis are so adorably tiny!), and I have to say...I wasn't as bad as I thought I would be.  I hadn't skied in 7 years and I was SO SCARED!  My boys were trying to give me pointers (which is a bit humbling, but I took them as I needed all the help I could get) and Josh was so patient and I think by the end of the day, it had come back to me.  I think my boys were disappointed that I didn't fall a million times, they told me at the end of the day they had been expecting it.  At first I was DREADING going, but I have to admit it was so fun.

Josh is so excited to have us all skiing this season, and after Saturday I am excited too!  Hopefully by the end of the season I will have figured it out.
Here is a picture of McKay with his tiny skis.  They are so cute (please forgive his crazy hair and our shower curtain drying in the background...)
 Cardigan: Target | Dress: Nordstrom | Leggings: F21 | Tank: Gift | Boots: Aldo | Bag and Sunglasses: Ross | Necklace: F21

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow Day

 These pictures were taken on pretty much the last sunny day we have had.  The day after Christmas we had the biggest snow storm that only just stopped this afternoon.  We have serious snow and I am LOVING it!
 Our boys and Josh got skis for Christmas and they were pretty excited to use so excited they planned a trip asap.
The boys went skiing for the first time today and fell in love.  I stayed home with our wild 2 year old watching Toy Story 3 multiple times, hey so I guess we all had a great day (seriously I'm not bitter :)  They liked it so much, they planned another trip for tomorrow...and Saturday.  I have to be honest, I am not a great skier, but I think I might need to figure it out or end up watching a lot of Toy Story over the next few weeks.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Three Bs...

 ...burgundy, black and blue.  This is my 200th post!!  I can't believe I have had 200 things to post about in the past year!  It is kind of a neat milestone for me :)

Tonight Josh and the boys needed to get some odds and ends for a ski trip they are going on.  I had a few things I needed to do, so I was dropped off at City Creek, which is THE FUNNEST place to shop.  For Christmas I got a gift card for some black boots, and I went on the hunt for some cute ones.
 The catch was that I took my 2 almost 3 year old with me...let me tell you, it was a challenge.  I was in a changing room and mid change he ducks under the door and runs!  Luckily he is a bit of a chicken so he didn't go to far and when the threat of a time out came from my dressing room, he high tailed it back.  Oh my goodness he gave me a run for my money!  On the plus side however, there was a major snow storm going on in Utah and there was about 5 people in each store that I visited...when does that ever happen (it was also nice that nobody else was in the dressing room to hear me threatening time out...)?
Cardigan: Jcrew | Shirt: Layers | Jeans: Target | Shoes, scarf, sunglasses and bag: Ross (recent)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

 Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope that your Christmas was wonderful and full of joy.  Ours was so great, even though Josh and I were up until 3:30 a.m. putting up a foosball table (4 hours of assembly!!)  The kids woke us up at 7:30 and we both felt like we'd been hit by a truck, but it ended up being a lovely day.
It is always so hard to go back to reality after Christmas, it really is such a wonderful time of the year.  We don't take our Christmas tree down until New Year's Day and even then it makes me sad.  I guess I have a whole 12 months to look forward to next Christmas!
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pleated poppy

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Style Blog Faux Pas

 Happy Christmas Eve everyone!  I LOVE this time of year so much.  I hope this day finds you all happy and with loved ones.   I wore this outfit to church today.  I LOVE the Sunday before Christmas.  It is my favorite of the whole year.  I know I wore this vest on the last post, but I can't help it...I'm a fan.
 I will be staying up late into the night tonight wrapping presents, wish me luck!  Merry Christmas!
 Turtleneck: Nordstrom (BP) | Vest: H&M (recent) | Skirt: Gymboree Christmas Adult line from years ago, don't judge I love it! | Bag, sunglasses and shoes: Ross (recent) | Jewelry: Jcrew and gift

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Bustle

 As Christmas gets closer I am finding less and less time to sit down!  I am done with gifts, but the family and I are doing as many Christmas things around our town as we can.  It has been so fun.
 Just in case there are a few of you looking for gift ideas, here are a few I have done lately.  These are what I gave my boys' teachers.  It is hot chocolate on a stick and SO GOOD.  The marshmallows are from scratch and we are loving them.  Tutorial here.
This is what they looked like all packaged up.

 I gave these to a couple of cute friends with kids.  They are snowman kits.  I found cute hat boxes to put them in and put on a tag that said "Just add snow".  I had fun making them, tutorial here.  Good luck with your last minute Christmas shopping!
 Shirt: Macy's | Vest: H&M (recent) | Pants: Aeropostale | Boots: Famous Footwear | Bag: Kate Spade | Necklace: F21 | Sunglasses: Banana Republic Factory

Monday, December 17, 2012

Feliz Navidad

The days are counting down to Christmas!  I am trying to get everything done by Wednesday so after that, the fam and I can just enjoy each other and the holiday, without the stress.

We decided to do stress-free neighbor gifts this year.  We ordered these little ditties of chips and salsa from a restaurant and handed them out.  Seriously fast, inexpensive and yummy (we got one for us too...), that is a good gift in my mind :)  Two more days to get it all done!!  I am almost there.
Shirt: Nordstrom | Vest: Layers | Jeans: Aeropostale | Boots: Famous Footwear | Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Sunday, December 16, 2012

School Girl Pleated Tweed

 I love pleats and I love tweed, so obviously this skirt is one of my favs.  I actually have bought a few of them...very similar to this one.  I have got to get some self control where pleats are involved.

 This past weekend Josh and I traveled the 4 1/2 hours to Boise Idaho to watch our Utah State Aggie football team win the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.  We went last year and were disappointed, so we were SO GLAD not to leave sad this year.  It was pretty cold, but still so much fun!!
 And in other news...if anyone is looking for a quick fun gift, this is what I made for my boys to give to their school classes.  I just bought the skinny pretzel rod bags at Michaels, filled it with some Twizzlers and there ya go.

Josh and I have deemed this coming week as our official "Week of Christmas Celebration."  Life has been so busy that we haven't done some of our traditional Christmas activities.  Oh, they are happening this week!  It is going to be so fun!
 Shirt: Ann Taylor | Jacket: Loft | Skirt: Dillards | Boots: Famous Footwear | Bag: Kate Spade | Sunglasses: Banana Republic Factory | Jewelry: Gift, Jcrew, F21

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Business (Party) Casual

 I have mentioned on this blog before that I am not a fan of being over or under dressed.  Josh had a company party tonight and his instructions were not casual and not company party casual...
This is what I came up with that followed those specifications...
Tank: Jcrew (similar on sale) | Blazer: H&M (similar) | Pants: Target (on sale) | Shoes: Ross (recent) | Bag: Ross (recent) | Bracelets: F21
The party was in downtown Salt Lake City so afterward we decided to go and see the Christmas lights at Temple Square. If any of you are ever in Utah, you have to visit Temple Square it is beautiful and at Christmas time it is just magical.  We sat and listened to some choirs singing Christmas music and ended the night with lemon tarts and hot chocolate.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seeing Spots

 I am such a polka dot fan.  I know that I am not the only one because I have seen many many posts on this same subject.  The problem I am having is that if something has polka dots on it, I automatically think I need it.  Even if I have something exactly similar already.

 In yesterday's post I had mentioned that I was going to attempt to make plum pudding today, well, it happened.  My mom came and we made Christmas pudding with butterscotch sauce, which is something her mom always made when she was growing up.  Pudding in England usually isn't pudding like it is in the U.S.  We think of pudding like a mousse or custard.  Pudding in England means a dessert.
My boys were a bit confused that in this case "pudding" was a cake.  We had Christmas pudding with butterscotch sauce and plum pudding with orange sauce.  Seriously, they were both SO GOOD!  I was worried because they are a little labor intensive and I didn't want to go to all that work for nothing (like I did later in that day trying to make divinity, and it didn't work.  Lame).

Another fun thing going on lately is our little Elf on the Shelf.  His name is "Scout" and apparently he likes to zip line now and again.  This zip line ended in our Christmas tree, I'm hoping my boys don't get any ideas..
 Cardigan: Target | Sweater: Old Navy | Jeans: Target (recent, but I couldn't find them online) | Shoes: Target | Bag: Ross (recent) | Sunglasses: Ross (recent) | Plum Pudding: My pantry

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Whole Lota Prints

 Tomorrow is going to be a fun Christmas cooking day for me.  I have a few tried and true recipes that I love that I am making (heavenly fudge, caramels and divinity) and my mom is coming up and we are going to make some new ones, including plum pudding!
 I have a mild fascination with English Christmas traditions (both current and Dickens-esque.  "A Christmas Carol" is a favorite).  I have been dying to make/try plum pudding forever and am so excited to finally do it!!
 Looking at the ingredients I have never tasted anything even remotely close to it, so hopefully it is good.  I also just bought a shiny new pudding mold so it will look pretty.  Go ahead, you can think I am a total weirdo, but I can't wait!  Has anyone out there ever made or tasted it??
Cardi: Jcrew Factory (on sale!) | Shirt: Old Navy (similar on sale!) | Jeans: F21 | Shoes: Target | Belt and sunglasses: Banana Republic Factory (similar belt on sale) | Bag: Ross (recent)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Snake Print

 These pants are labeled as "legging" online, but they are as jean-like as any I have in my collection...which is growing at the moment.  There are so many fun pants around that I have a hard time saying no when I find so many cute ones!
 I already have a weird love of pants anyway.  Ya know, go shopping to get the thing you need, and you come away with that thing you always buy and definitely don't need.  Mine "thing" is pants, weird right?  I know girls are supposed to have shoe fetishes, not that I don't love shoes, they just aren't my fetish.
For the last few nights I have been watching all of the good ole Christmas movies.  Tonight's movie is "It's A Wonderful Life" I love that show.  I am such a sucker for classic movies.  So far I have watched White Christmas, Holiday Inn and now this one.  I think tomorrow's movie might be "Miracle of 34th Street."  You know, the good old one :)
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